Ande fishing line reviews

images ande fishing line reviews

South Bend is one the famous fishing gear brand in the USA. However, we will match any price offered by any legitimate retailer with a brick and mortar physical address in the United States. But tips and insiders alway misbehave. Low stretch and hi impact strength. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. I have been using yozuri for years as mainline and for leader material. I tested and compared the three primary types of fishing line and leader: mono, braid and fluorocarbon.

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  • mono is strong and tough with exceptionally good knot strength.

    images ande fishing line reviews

    It might be the best all around. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ande Monofilament Line (​Clear, 10 -Pounds Test, 1/4# Spool) at Read honest and unbiased​.

    Ande Fishing Line Main Forum SurfTalk

    HOW DO SOME OF YOU LIKE ANDE LINE ON SPINNING REELS (20 LB) It is very abrasion resistant, ties strong knots and will put fish in the.
    Ande tooooooo Ron Mahoney. Dave Frymier.

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    Messages: 1, Even on the poles I have 65 lb. All line samples tested were 10 inches long, clamp to clamp, the same standard length the IGFA uses when testing line samples with record applications.

    images ande fishing line reviews
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    I believe 20 Big Game breaks at over 30 lbs and so does every other nylon line that diameter I have seen tested.

    Best Monofilament Fishing Line Reviews Loyal Angler

    When it comes to memory, if something has a high memory then it remembers the shape that it was put in, such as a paperclip would stay in its shape when stretched out. I have used Trilene, and Stren and wouldn't use that crap to floss my teeth. What makes one fishing line excellent and another mediocre?

    So swell to be an insider.

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    images ande fishing line reviews

    OK, OK, everyones using braids. I still use mono and like Ande Pink and Tourny. If Ande's got the IGFA rating and all them records, why don't. Ande's new Monster Mono in “Gulfstream” blue is a line that's born and bred for completely opposite polar views concerning high-visibility (hi-vis) fishing line.
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    The new Tritanium Plus, put the plus on line diameter.

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    Overall this line is going to be perfect for reeling in those large fish! I used Ande back in the 70s on penn squidders. Keep up the great work.

    images ande fishing line reviews
    Favorite Freshwater spinning reel.

    Robert Osborn. Sorry for the bad news. They vary from four to eight.

    ande fishing line review

    This is a good way of having a standard strength which can be measured against each line regardless of the type that it is and the diameter that it has. Most line types are popular for particular fisheries for various reasons. Pre-Order - This is a new or special order item with an often unpredictable delivery date.

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    1. Politically Ande is made in Germany and with their view of us lately, I wouldn't buy a thing made over there.