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Three of them are rented the flat for long period, Chiara and Nicola rented the room since two years and they are going to stay for two years more, Cristoforo arrived last year and he is going to stay here for four years more. Also the one bathroom is not enough for four women. Picture 3 Bathroom As they have the exact same schedule, they have to take turns with the bathroom. Until three years ago he lived with his parents and his sister Giulia, so when he moved to Milan was traumatic. Overall I can be satisfied of my flat but I also think that, if I spend more time inside it, I could radically change my opin-ion of it. The flat is not lived during the day because everyone are busy in their work and study activities. Micol 23 Occasional users: during summer her family is used to come visit her and stay for a while. Afterwards, he takes a little noon sleep.

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  • Luca Guzzetti, Lecco. Yesterday at AM · Costa Masnaga, Italy ·. Martedì scorso abbiamo avuto l'onore di ospitare un altro capitolo di Lecco - Capitolo BNI​. (J) Lecco, Lombardia, northern Italy. Landslides, Italy and Mediterranean Region | ResearchGate, the professional of most of the physiographical provinces in Italy (Guzzetti and Reichenbach, ) in Luca Nannipieri Floods killed numerous people along roads and drivers or passengers travelling in vehicles.

    23rd December Posted by Luca Guzzetti Categories: Blog Located north of Lake Como, in Alto Lario, the North Wind Camping of Domaso is for anyone who wants to visit both the shores of the lake (eastern and western), leads to Lecco, the city of Promessi Sposi wrote by Alessandro Manzoni?
    During the day only Luca and Stefano spend time at home and they have lunch together and in the afternoon, if Luca is at work, Stefano tidies up the flat and plays videogames.

    My dad, Usually outside, working, meeting or hanging out with friends. After work she usually has a shower and then she has dinner.

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    They share the spaces without embarrassment. But sometimes it happens that a student cooks for everybody. Life inside a shared bedroom Matilde has been living in the apartment with her mother and her three pets for the past five years.

    A grown up son Disposition and spaces The nucleus I am going to describe is composed by a group of two people living together and in particular they are an elderly woman, Iside, who is 80 and is now retired, and her adult son Massimo, who is 55, works as an electrician and is not married.

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    Most of the time the rooms which are not used, remain closed and with radiators switched off.

    Then she spends the rest of the night watching TV from her big bed until she falls asleep. Before that, her home is where she lives with her best creatin: Daniela, her daughter. She opened up her house to women in her same situation. Giulia Giulia was born in Milan and she is 29 years old. As the apartament has only one bathroom and both of them have to get up very early in the moring, in order not to end up quarreling they have to be very organized. In the room are all the various equipment that she need, as Elena is in the living room.

    Tourism and GIS A new way to manage urban tourist activity for the Territorial Information of the Regione Lombardia Fulvia Pinto, Davide Lucca.

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    as a tool for land management and government: the “Provincia di Lecco project” Marco Scaioni, and laser scanning data Nelly Cattaneo, Chiara Dell'Orto, Franco Guzzetti. management advice - Italy / Target companies in 'Milan and Lombardy' that specialise in the 'management advice' field- pg CAPPELLETTI LUCA.

    CLIVIO - Lecco - ITALY GUZZETTI GIUSEPPINA Visit the full version of the site. Italy: Browse through potential providers in the architects - consultants industry on Europages, a worldwide B2B sourcing GUZZETTI GIANLUIGI.

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    Her mother, Giovannais 54 years old and she works in a Real Estate company in Milan. She like to dance and she is very strict aboud house issues such as throwing away garbage and making noise during night hours. Here all the inhabitants share the space and live together.

    About her bedroom she likes to have a big bed because her boyfriend comes to visit her sametime. Another curiosity is that he keeps his shirts or sweaters in his bedroom wardrobe, while all his jackets and pants remain in the entrance wardrobe downstairs. The house diary Francesco is my brother.

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    She also helps her doing houseworks or some other activities, which got harder at her age.

    images luca guzzetti lecco italy tourism
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    The only downside to them was the size of the second bedroom. He is a silent person who likes to spend time on his own in his room.

    The unique moment of conflict is during the morning, when Hoshiko and Silvana have the same bathroom in use around the same times, but the first who wakes up is the first one to use it. In the meanwhile Luca and Stefano remain in bed, although they should go to their courses too.

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    No big table for eating together. They decided to live together one year ago, but now they would like some space to be alone or not only they two. A new flatmate.

    She comes to visit my granpa during the weekends. When my aunt Type C Adult + Adult Five students Lecco, Italy by Luca Borlenghi. 5 nucleus 5 Type C Adult + Adult Students Milan, Italy by Andrea Guzzetti. 2 nucleus 3. 8–10 MayMilan, Italy OF THE EX-CHURCH OF SAN QUIRICO ALL'​OLIVO IN LUCCA, TUSCANY SMART TOOLS FOR CULTURAL TOURISM IN THE CLOISTER OF F.

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    Guzzetti, K. L.

    images luca guzzetti lecco italy tourism

    N. Anyabolu, L. D'Ambrosio, and G. Marchetti MANAGEMENT: THE AZZONE VISCONTI BRIDGE IN LECCO. Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic Luca DEMICHELI (Secretary General of EuroGeoSurveys) hazards impinge on its tourism prospects and resultantly socio-economic Cesare Mondini (1), Mauro Rossi (1), Paola Reichenbach (1), and Fausto Guzzetti (1) city of Lecco (​northern Italy).
    Whether you are in a tent, in a caravan or in a camper van, the North Windows camping in Domaso Como is able to welcome you in a warm and comfortable environment, where the Ravelli family is able to make you feel at home.

    Ilaria was born in Treviso, studied in the US and started working for an italian marketing company. The house is very big for 2 of us. For example, the kitchen is mainly only used by my aunt, she takes care of the meal everyday. A new flatmate.

    images luca guzzetti lecco italy tourism
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    It is normally used by my aunt, she comes up to place fruits, flowers every morning.

    images luca guzzetti lecco italy tourism

    The general cleaning is usually on Saturday morning, when the three organise and clean the different rooms with the sound of music from the record player. The Mecenate Girlz The apartments are part of a complex of residences characterized by four buildings. The family never used the living room, so her son sleeps there when he stays over and uses it to work during the day. Then she goes to work and comes home around p.

    Usally from 6 pm to 7 pm she goes running alone or with her boyfriend. At least, Gianmarco is 22 years old, cames from Lazio and he studies mathematics.

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    1. Therefore, a degree of privacy disappears, even with a clear division of the rooms. Here is where the three integrants of the home, and also their guests share and spend time together.

    2. The original house had two big bedrooms of aproximately 17 sq. This is the most convivial moment of the day for Felix, Ada and Gaetano.