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Causes of noise from car tires and how to fix it

The noise when driving due to friction, vibration, … is unavoidable, but sometimes the noise from the tire is also a warning sign that this part has a problem and needs maintenance.

The noise from car tires causes discomfort to the occupants, which can distract the driver. So how to reduce the noise created by car tires, help the car operate more smoothly or not?

Causes of noise from car tires

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The main cause of noise from car tires is the phenomenon of acoustic resonance. Similar to the mechanism of sound resonance in an enclosed space (such as an opera house), the sound from the road, wheel vibration, has an increased frequency when transmitted through the hollow part of the wheel (amplified) louder), making the sound transmitted to the ear noisy.

In addition, the texture of the road surface is also a factor in tire noise. When driving on rough roads with many obstacles, concrete roads or highways with anti-skid textures, tire noise will be more pronounced than when driving on asphalt roads within the city. In addition, the road structure in urban areas of Vietnam has not yet reached an optimal level, making the sound transmitted by the tires uncomfortable for the people in the car.

Finally, tire noise depends on the type and condition of the tires. Tires that are worn below a safe threshold or worn unevenly are the cause of loud sounds from tires rubbing against the road. In addition, tires with high hardness and wide slats, in addition to having the advantage of helping to increase the friction of the vehicle, are often accompanied by a certain amount of noise during operation.

Measures to help limit the noise of car tires

To prevent tire noise, car owners can use the following measures.

Choose the right tire tread

To make the car run more smoothly, drivers should choose the right tires for different car models and road conditions. If you drive mainly on city roads, flat and smooth highways, or operate sedans or hatchbacks, users should use tires with a smooth design and moderate thickness and hardness. For example, tires are designed in the form of stamped ribs along the tire or individual blocks, which help maximize tire resistance and thus reduce noise while driving.

For multi-purpose SUVs, it is recommended to choose tires with a combination of longitudinal ribs and lugs to reduce lateral slippage, improve braking ability and driveability, and allow the vehicle to move easily over a wide range of terrain. If you often drive on rough roads, tread patterns with grooves located perpendicular to the wheel surface extending to the edge of the tire will help the car create great traction, but the downside is the high horizontal sliding resistance that makes the tire noisy. Great.

Tire Soundproofing Stickers

A fairly simple measure to help reduce tire noise is a 4 wheel cavity soundproofing sticker (cage soundproofing), which helps reduce the sound resonance phenomenon. Along with soundproofing the floor and glass doors, gluing soundproofing pads to the wheel cavities helps reduce tire noise when driving down the road.

Use noise-reducing wheel resonators

To suppress unwanted acoustic resonance, manufacturers use an auxiliary resonator for the wheels. This resonator produces sound waves at the same frequency as the sound produced by the tires, but in a different phase. According to the principle of summation of acoustic oscillations (superposition of waves), the interference between two sound waves of opposite phase will help cancel most of the resonant sound that causes car tire noise and help the car run smoothly.

Instructions for using VinFast tires to reduce noise

For VinFast models, users are advised not to drive when the tire height is below 3mm. On all VinFast models, the tires are equipped with a treadwear indicator (TWI) with a height of 1.6 mm. The Wear Indicator is a small recess located on the side of the car’s tire that shows the minimum height of the tread. This reminds the user to change the tire when the tread depth drops to the same level as the surface of the wear indicator.

Noise from car tires also comes from uneven tire wear. Tires wear due to the type of road, driving habits, tire pressure and angle, and wheel balance. In order to achieve even wear on all tires, VinFast recommends rotating VinFast Fadil tires every 12,000 km. The new tires should be mounted in pairs at the front, and if only one tire is replaced, it should be mounted on the same axle as the worn tire between at least 3 other tires. As for VinFast Lux A2.0, VinFast Lux SA2.0 and VinFast President, VinFast recommends not rotating the tires between the front and rear axles to ensure the vehicle’s operating characteristics. In addition, drivers need to be aware of the warranty period of the tires according to the manufacturer’s standards. Even when not in use, tires need to be replaced every six years to ensure safe operation and to help reduce noise from the vehicle’s tires.

Noise while operating on the road is always one of the nuisances for drivers, which can almost directly affect safety as well as signal damage from car tire products. Therefore, the choice of anti-noise tires for drivers is also one of the most important concerns for drivers today.

Typically, all current car tire product lines are designed with grooves to help with movement and to ensure adequate friction when in contact with the road. However, when you start running fast, air is compressed and noise is generated from underneath the car. The design of car tires to accommodate a variety of vehicles has also brought about many different tire tread designs, which can also affect the noise level when the vehicle is running.

Vertical ribbed tread is one of the popular designs today because it provides both the ability to minimize tire drag. This is why it minimizes noise. This type of tire is characterized by a stamped ribbed pattern that is designed to run along the surface of the tire.

This type of car tire is designed with grooves in the vertical direction. With this feature, it is a suitable product for rough roads. Therefore, if you can choose this product for heavy trucks, it is one of the best choices to ensure good driving feel and safety.

The main block tread is a common design when the tire track is designed as a separate block. Basically, this is one of the more popular designs that offer the ability to reduce noise, easy handling, and excellent friction,1 with fairly consistent stability. However, the durability of automotive tires with block lug designs is usually shorter than that of tires for other equipment.

Currently, there are also many automotive tire products to help customers have many choices. Based on expert reviews as well as more user reviews. Currently the most popular and chosen tires must be named. Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli ….

In addition to choosing noise-reducing tires, you can also refer to some of the following methods to effectively reduce noise in the car.

For the car floor. The noise from the floor of the car brings a lot of discomfort to the user. To be able to reduce the noise level of your car, you just need to use underfloor coating materials and special soundproofing stickers.

As for the wheel cavities. Similar to the floor of the car, the wheel cavity is where the noise and vibration from the wheels and the road are transmitted into the passenger compartment. Therefore, in order to be able to reduce the noise inside the car, noise reduction materials can also be used in the wheel cavities. Sound insulation stickers help reduce the sound coming from the wheel cavity and limit the amount of sound entering the car.

Door sections. Owners can visit a service center to remove the inner panels and parts of the doors. The connecting rods are then covered with additional tape to reduce the noise every time the vehicle shakes or crashes. The inside of the corrugated panels are also covered with special paint, thus effectively reducing the noise inside the vehicle.

The main function of underbody paint is to protect the underbody of the car from external factors. Although the underbody paint of the car only limits a small part of the noise for the underbody, it brings a certain effect.

However, depending on the road conditions in Vietnam, Bridgestone tires are one of the most popular tires and currently have the most sales. Essentially, it offers stable performance with the best durability for the speed problems allowed in Vietnam. In addition, the best price is one of the factors that help Vietnamese drivers find the best choice for their financial situation.


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