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Compare induction cookers and infrared cookers. Which is better to use

Currently, induction cookers and infrared cookers are used a lot. Each type of stove has its own outstanding advantages, making users wonder which product to choose for their kitchen. To find out more, let’s compare the induction cooker and infrared stove with Dien May Xanh, which one is better? 1What is an Induction Cooker?

An induction cooker, also known as an electromagnetic stove, is an electric stove that works on the principle of increasing heat thanks to a magnetic field. When the stove starts to work, electric current flows through the copper coil placed under the stove glass and generates a magnetic field within a few millimeters on the stovetop.

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Construction of Induction Cooker

In the market, induction cooktops are available in a variety of designs and models for customers to choose from. However, all types of induction cooktops are composed of the following parts.

Heater. This is an important part in induction cooktops that helps the stove to work stably, be durable and safe to use.

Cooling fan. As the name implies, the fan has a cooling function to lower the temperature of the components. The fan helps rebalance the temperature of the stove when it is running at a new high capacity. There are two types of cooling fans for induction cooktops: turbo fans and coaxial fans.

Induction plate. Plays a particularly essential role, it determines the entire operation of the kitchen.

Induction hob glass. Most current induction cooktops are made of ceramic glass, which is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, strong and very resistant to high temperatures. At the same time, the glass surface protects the body of the stove and the components inside. In addition, some kitchens use other premium glass surfaces, such as EuroKera and Schott Ceran.

Working principle

Induction cooktops work mainly on the Fuco line, where heat is transferred directly to the pan. When current is transferred to the induction hob, the LC circuit creates a variable magnetic field on the hob and transfers it to the pots, pans, etc.

Therefore, the bottom of the pan must be made of a magnetic material (magnetically respirable) placed on the stovetop, which will be affected by the magnetic field and generate heat to heat the pan, and from there will be heated. Eating. Thanks to this cooking mechanism, induction reduces the possibility of heat loss and the cooking time is very fast.

Classification of induction cooktops

Induction cooktops are divided into the following 5 popular types, and depending on your needs, you have the right choice

Single induction cooktop. This is a kitchen with only one cooking zone for single people or families of about 2 people. The compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Double-headed induction cooktop. This type of stove has two dedicated cooking zones to help you cook quickly, saving time and convenience. For this reason, double induction cooktops are trusted by homemakers not only for fast cooking, but also for their luxurious and modern design.

Kitchens with 3 cooking zones or more. Helps housewives improve and make it easier to prepare food for their families. The stove also provides improved cooking capabilities and quickly reduces time compared to traditional stoves.

Induction: If you are an aesthetic lover, an induction cooktop is the right choice for your kitchen. The acoustic design of the kitchen exudes elegance and modernity. Induction cooktops have a variety of cooking zones for you to choose from.

Infrared cooktop. This is a combination of induction and infrared cooktop with about 2-4 cooking zones. It has a casual design that adds beauty and luxury to your kitchen space.

Advantages of induction cooktop

Saves electricity and time of use, making food processing fast and easy.

Ensures user safety.

Brings sophistication and beauty to your home space.

Equipped with some smart features such as child lock, timer, and automatic shut-off of the stove when there are no pots and pans.

Disadvantages of induction cooktop

Calloused to all kinds of pots and pans. Only pots and pans with magnetic bottom can be used on the stove.

High cost: Induction stoves are more expensive than traditional stoves, and users must invest a lot of money to arrange pots and pans with magnetic bottoms.

When using the stove, it emits a magnetic field that affects the operation of medical electronic devices such as pacemakers.


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