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Currently, there are quite a few drivers who still love to customize car tires, but according to technical experts, you should not take the risk because it can lose safety.

According to the customer care department of the centers, nowadays quite a lot of car owners have a preference for tires that are larger than the wheels. Larger tires will give them more grip, add to the look of the car as well as help reduce some small costs that some original tires cannot do.

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However, a larger tire size has certain disadvantages, as it poses a potential risk of affecting the system if the tire size is not chosen to fit the old rim. steering system, related handling systems and especially the safety of the owner.

According to information from some centers and customer care departments, if the tires are not selected for the overall size, the tires may hit the fenders during sharp turns, or hit many Other parts of the vehicle cause damage. In addition, when the tires are larger, it means the car must carry 20-35% more air, which will add significantly to the specific weight. The increase in wheel size in both diameter and width causes all parameters of the manufacturer’s calculated speed readings to be incorrect and in some cases will easily lead to speed violations that the owner is unaware of.

Not to mention that larger tires also have some disadvantages, such as causing no power when accelerating the car, side wear caused by the rear grip, or even direct friction to the chain, which can lead to dangerous chain slippage when the car is moving fast.

Raising the tires above the specified size will also make the car’s grip not at all better than the original, and even cause dangerous skidding in many cases. For some models with oversized tires, it looks very bad and creates a bad condition, causing an ugly look, and even some cars have even scratched the tires on the rear fenders due to oversized tires and no upgraded parts. Other related systems.

According to the theory of tires, the larger the tire you choose, the greater the contact area with the road. It has also been shown that when new tires and wheels are replaced, the contact area with the road will improve. If you have a higher performance tire, driving efficiency will be better. However, even so, increasing the size of tires and wheels follows the principle that bigger tires are not better without any standards to guarantee it.

Rather than worrying about improving performance, installing larger wheels and tires will prolong acceleration and also increase the car’s fuel consumption. This feeling is also more pronounced when the power of the vehicle changes. In fact, switching to 19-inch tires and wheels on a vehicle that has 15-inch wheels installed by the manufacturer will increase gas mileage by about 10 percent. With that, if you accelerate to about 100 km/h, it will decrease by up to 4%.

Self-upgrading wheels can damage the overall structural wall and lead to accidents.

Some people even upgrade the rims of large displacement or oversized vehicles to rear grips when customizing them to increase the appearance of the car. This not only directly affects the dynamic balance of the vehicle, but can also be dangerous during operation due to the destruction of the overall structure.

Because operating error will be a huge thing, not to mention that the quality of these accessories is not uniform compared to the car, and will cause accidents if they are accidentally cracked or broken. Damage. These accessories, although beautiful, will reduce driving ability, not to mention the fact that the increased weight of the vehicle will put more pressure on the brake system and eventually lead to brake lock-up.” Suddenly extremely dangerous.

It is for these reasons that, in the experience of engineer Le Van Tach, users should not take any chances when customizing their tires. This is because according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, each car can only be increased to a maximum of 2 sizes in width and should not increase the size of the tire diameter to ensure safety as well as not to make mistakes with the original car. Also, you need to choose the right distance so that the tires do not touch the chain.

In addition, if you also like tires, you should choose good tires with good technology, good grip and good rim grip. As for tires, choose good quality tires that match the wheels. Choose a reputable tire brand. If you choose lightweight wheels, high performance tires will feel faster. If you waste money and use poor quality and reputable tires, it will be extremely dangerous to your life and road users.


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