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Detailed evaluation of Kalite 15 liter Steam Air Fryer STEAM X

Kalite STEAM X offers a completely new cooking solution with intelligent steam frying based on 360-degree convection technology. The product can limit the surface burn while still ensuring the quality of the finished food to be crispy and delicious and retain the nutrients in the ingredients.

Cook food with Active Steam

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At the heart of the Active Steam technology offered by Kalite is the combination of dry heat and moist heat. Active steam technology solves a common problem with traditional air fryers, which is the tendency for ingredients to burn if the time is not set correctly. The moist heat technology ensures that all the moisture inside the food is preserved, creating a deliciously soft feel while maintaining its crispness due to the combination with the external dry heat.

Preserving nutritional value

One of the outstanding advantages that Kalite STEAM X brings is the ability to preserve the nutritional value of the food, something that is difficult to do with traditional baking methods. For a long time, scientists have highly appreciated steamed food for many factors such as taste, nutrition and especially for our health safety.

Extra large capacity, supports 9 cooking modes

With a capacity of up to 15 liters, the Kellet STEAM X Steam Air Fryer is suitable for cooking with the whole family, as well as for frying whole chicken/duck and steaming seafood such as prawns/crab. The product supports 9 cooking modes corresponding to 9 types of food and dishes, including. Chicken, Fish, Ribs, Steak, Shrimp, Pizza, Corn, Potato and Bake. With just one powerful cooking tool, you have the freedom to cook all your favorite dishes.

Removable design for easy cleaning

The manufacturer has carefully studied the habits of homemakers and cleverly designed the Kalite STEAM X to include easy-to-remove details. You can easily clean the oven cavity after use, wiping away food that has stuck to the walls and internal components. Not only that, but the steam cleaning mode makes the cleaning process even easier.

High-quality, durable ceramic non-stick coating

Details that come into direct contact with food, such as grease pans, baking pans and frying pans, are covered with a high quality ceramic material that is highly durable. As a result, ingredients are less likely to burn or stick after cooking with Kalite STEAM X. You can also clean these details more easily and it is extremely easy to use.

Wide temperature range for more versatility

Kalite STEAM X works well over a temperature range of 40 to 230 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this, it has the added advantage of yogurt incubation (low heat) and fruit drying (high temperature threshold). Experience the full range of appliance functions such as brewing, drying, holding, reheating, steaming and baking, the presence of the Kalite STEAM X is more than enough for the entire family kitchen.

Shiny and healthy

The entire interior of the STEAM X pan is made of 304 INOX material – a material that is certified safe and user-friendly for its stain-resistant, rust-free properties. , without any residue. In addition, the shiny, smooth appearance of INOX 304 adds to the aesthetic appeal and makes cleaning easier for the homemaker.


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