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Detailed evaluation of MAGIC ECO 7 liter air fryer and steamer S07

Rated as a breakthrough product, the MAGIC ECO 7 liter high-end steamer combined air fryer MAGIC ECO has a unique design, combining two functions Frying – Steaming in one, helping users easily prepare dishes. with just a simple touch. In particular, the pot also integrates a series of technologies such as Rapid Air, Steam Air Active to help reduce up to 90% of grease and help dishes cook evenly.

Modern styling

Nồi chiên không dầu kết hợp hấp Magic Eco S07 PRO 7 lít - DMX

The MAGIC ECO 7-litre high-end steam oven and deep fryer has a compact and luxurious design, combining two very modern black and grey tones. It is easy to use thanks to its square dimensions combined with touch controls with LED display. 7 liters of capacity is also enough for all the basic cooking needs of every family.

Oil-free steaming and frying

The MAGIC ECO 7-liter high-end steamer and oil-free fryer is considered an exceptional product, mainly due to its unique feature: the combination of oil-free steaming and frying. Thanks to this, you can process a variety of dishes for your family with just one product, saving a lot of money and space in your kitchen’s cookware layout. In addition, thanks to the assisted steaming mode, wind-fried dishes are no longer dry, but more succulent inside, while maintaining a crispy outside.

Steam Air Active Steam Technology

The ultra-high-temperature steaming technology known as Steam Air Active is the secret of the MAGIC ECO 7 raised-end steamer combined with the MAGIC ECO S07. When operating, the pan uses steam to heat food faster, especially in closed environments. Thanks to this, the pot will avoid errors such as over or under temperature, over or undercooked food, unsealed and released, resulting in wasted energy. In particular, the pan will always ensure that the nutritional content of each food is maintained compared to traditional steaming methods.

Rapid Air Frying Technology

In addition to the steaming mode, the MAGIC ECO 7 Elevated Steamer combined with the Oil-Free Fryer S07 also features Rapid Air oil-free frying technology, which helps reduce fat by up to 90%. When operating, the pan drives hot airflow for better convection, cooking food more quickly and frying food without using oil, ensuring that food is always crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, keeping its nutrients intact.

Various pre-set menus

Even if you don’t have much cooking experience, the MAGIC ECO 7-liter S07 high-end air fryer and steamer can still help you cook delicious dishes with ease. In just a few simple steps, you can choose from 1 of 9 preset cooking modes, with special time and temperature presets to suit every kind of food, from baking to broiling. From French fries to steaming (eggs, vegetables, fish) and frying (chicken, meat, cakes)…

Overall, the MAGIC ECO 7 High-End Steamer combined with the air fryer MAGIC ECO S07 is a stylish, practical and extremely convenient product. As with other MAGIC products, the pan is durable and extremely quiet, making it a good choice if you’re looking for a multifunctional pan that can steam as well as fry. Oil-free


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