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Detailed evaluation of Sunhouse Mama 15L oil-free fryer SHD4088

Sunhouse Mama 15L SHD4088 oil-free fryer has a huge capacity of 15 liters, but the design is still more compact and convenient than conventional ovens, along with Rapid Air technology to help you process large amounts of food without the hassle of cooking. It is necessary to turn, flip, ensure the taste and nutrients of the food.

Luxurious design

Nồi chiên không dầu Sunhouse Mama 15 lít SHD4088

The Sunhouse Mama 15L SHD4088 Oil-Free Fryer impresses with its modern design in a luxurious shiny silver tone that blends easily with many different interior spaces from traditional to modern. In addition, the pan is made of high quality PP plastic with a thick finish and tight seal that helps retain heat well and limit heat loss to the surroundings without heating up the kitchen space.

Unique tempered glass door

Learning from the design of ovens, the SunHouse Mama 15L Air Fryer SHD4088 is designed with a transparent glass door on the front, made of hard tempered glass that is resistant to high temperatures and strong impacts, allowing you to easily observe the food inside the pan while handling it without losing heat and ensuring the quality of your dishes.

Extremely Large Capacity

The Sunhouse Mama 15L Oil-Free Fryer SHD4088 has a large capacity of up to 15L. Therefore, you can completely roast whole chickens and ducks in the comfort of your kitchen or use the accessories flexibly to divide the pan into many compartments and prepare many dishes at the same time. This product will work for large families of 7 to 10 people and can accommodate the amount of food for family gatherings.

Easy-to-use touch controls

To keep up with the luxurious look, the Sunhouse Mama 15L SHD4088 Air Fryer has been integrated with an advanced touch control panel. Now, the temperature can be precisely adjusted between 60 and 200 degrees Celsius at the touch of a button, helping you prepare difficult dishes with precision. In addition, the control panel is equipped with an LED screen that clearly displays time, temperature and cooking mode parameters.

Fast Air Technology

The Sunhouse Mama 15L SHD4088 Oil-Free Fryer also features Rapid Air technology – cooking food with hot air circulating at high speeds, typically found only in high-end air fryer products on the market. This technology helps produce faster, hotter and better heat circulation inside the pan, which helps cook crispy, golden brown food on all surfaces, but with less greasy taste due to over 80% less fat compared to traditional frying methods.

Overall, the Sunhouse Mama 15L SHD4088 Oil-Free Fryer has many advantages, such as having a large 15L capacity of up to 1700W, which helps to fry large amounts of food quickly. This is a good product for those who need to process large foods, whole chickens and ducks without chopping them up. In particular, when using this product, there is no need to turn during processing, saving time and effort, and also ensuring that the food is still cooked evenly and beautifully.


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