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details Kangaroo electronic oil-free fryer 25L KG25AF1A

Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer possesses a modern design, with a series of separate frying modes and a diverse cooking menu, bringing absolute convenience to users. All the most modern functions are integrated in the 25L KG25AF1A Kangaroo oil-free fryer, helping housewives make the best dishes possible.

Maximum capacity

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With a large capacity of up to 25 liters, the Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer perfectly serves a family of at least 10 people, up to a maximum of 14 people. Besides, the KG25AF1A Kangaroo 25L electronic oil-free fryer also has a comfortable large compartment, allowing you to fry many dishes in large quantities at the same time. Customers absolutely do not worry about lack of space, easy to use in any situation, whether it is a daily meal or a party.

Fried – grilled separately

Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer is superior to other fryers in that it integrates two separate modes. You can completely set the frying or baking mode to your liking. Each mode of the 25L KG25AF1A Kangaroo pot comes with a variety of automatic processing menus. When using the pot’s oil-free frying mode, customers can choose from dishes such as: chicken wings, popcorn, fries, grilled ribs, grilled chicken, dried, shrimp, vegetables, bacon, fish, steak,…. In addition to the grill mode, the machine also supports up to 7 preset dishes including: roast meat, pies, pizza, cake, barbecue, pastry, fermentation.

High quality material

Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer is made from 100% high-quality materials by manufacturers. The inner cavity of the KG25AF1A is covered with durable stainless steel, which helps the pot to limit the absorption of harmful substances into the food. The pot has a complete automatic shutdown when it overheats, helping you to control the temperature closely throughout the frying process. Besides, the 25L KG25AF1A Kangaroo pot is also equipped with smart glass doors, up to 2 layers thick, excellent heat resistance, making it easy to observe the food processing process inside.

Modern technology

Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology with dual heating elements. Specifically, the pot will double heating at both the top and bottom, helping to circulate 100% of hot air and cook food evenly and more fully. The 25L KG25AF1A Kangaroo pot will definitely bring crispy, golden fried pieces, meeting 5-star restaurant standards. The pot will also help you eliminate 85% of harmful fats and substances compared to the traditional frying method.

Various accessories

Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer comes with a very diverse accessory system. You will be provided with 9 accessories including: baking tray, mesh basket, griddle, oil catch tray, handle, gloves, griddle grabber, frying cage, skewers. All accessories of the 25L KG25AF1A Kangaroo pot are covered with 100% non-stick material, making the product durable, easy to clean and absolutely safe to use.

In general, the Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer has a luxurious design with many great functions, easily replacing 9 current kitchen appliances. With the motto “minimalism”, manufacturers create the 25L KG25AF1A Kangaroo fryer to help users save money and time. Your kitchen space will also become more beautiful when you buy the Kangaroo 25L KG25AF1A electronic oil-free fryer


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