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details MAGIC ECO 5 liter steamer combined with oil-free fryer S05

The MAGIC ECO 5-liter steamer combined with oil-free fryer has 2 functions at the same time as frying and steaming, with a capacity of up to 5 liters to help you comfortably cook. In particular, the heating technology of S05 MAGIC ECO is by thermistor bar, supporting up to 14 preset cooking programs so you can prepare many delicious dishes for your family.

Modern styling

Nồi chiên không dầu kết hợp hấp Magic Eco S05 5 lít

The 5-liter MAGIC ECO steamer combined with the air fryer has a compact, young and modern design. The cooker is equipped with a touch control panel with LED screen that displays all the necessary information, making it easy for the user to observe and adjust the cooking mode. The product is also very suitable for placing in all different kitchen spaces.

High quality materials

The S05 MAGIC ECO 5-liter oil-free fryer combines a steaming function with a housing made of 100% premium PP plastic that supports good insulation, is safe and easy to clean. Not to mention, the inner pot is made of enameled metal for durability and added health safety. The maximum capacity of up to 5 liters is also a significant advantage, helping you to comfortably fry or steam a whole chicken (about 1 kg).

A unique steaming combination

With the MAGIC ECO 5-liter steamer combination, you have full access to multifunctional, extremely convenient for both frying and steaming. Another feature of this product is the modern heating technology that uses thermistor rods to help cook food evenly on all sides, creating delicious and attractive dishes. 1500 W of frying power and 900 W of steaming power allows for faster and increased cooking time.

Variety of menus

This 5-liter MAGIC ECO Steamer Combo Air Fryer and Steamer has 14 pre-set cooking programs. Users can freely choose from making fries, tarts and baking cakes to steak, fish, chicken wings, chicken thighs and fried sweet potatoes …… The temperature of the pan can be adjusted at will while in use. It can be adjusted between 80 – 200°C with a timer of 0 – 60 minutes to help you be more active in the kitchen.

Advanced frying and steaming technology

The S05 MAGIC ECO 5-liter oil-free fryer combined with steaming supports many other advanced technologies, such as heating technology that separates oil while cooking, helping to reduce the amount of fat by up to 90%. In addition, the cooker has a steam-tight steaming feature that will retain up to 99% of the flavor of the food. The manufacturer has also equipped a self-cleaning mode after use to help users clean the pan more easily.

Overall, the 5-liter MAGIC ECO Air Fryer and Steamer is indeed a good value for money product with a stylish design and convenient features. The steaming function of the MAGIC ECO S05 is the highlight that sets this product apart from conventional air fryers. In particular, when you purchase the cooker, the manufacturer will give you a free oil separator and many other incentives.


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