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Distinguish between induction cookers, induction cookers and infrared cookers

In today’s market, the Induction-Induction-Infrared cooktop product line is being chosen and trusted by many consumers. In addition to the beautiful and modern design, the above three kitchen series integrate advanced technology to make cooking safer and easier. So in today’s column consultation, let’s learn more about the difference between these 3 series of induction cooktops – induction hobs – infrared cooktops with the consultants from Southampton Kitchens.

Induction, induction and infrared cooktops all have very sophisticated and modern designs with luxurious black heat resistant glass ceramic panels and modern touch control keypads. All three types of kitchens have very eye-catching designs that bring the style of European kitchen spaces. Induction cooktops, induction cooktops and infrared cooktops each have their own characteristics and suit the diverse cooking needs of families, so for today’s columnist’s advice, let’s ask the experts to take a look. Nanan Kitchen’s consultants to learn about distinguishing induction cooktops, induction hobs and infrared cooktops.

I. Learn about induction cooktops, induction cooktops and infrared cooktops

1. What is an induction cooktop?

Giới thiệu những mẫu bếp hồng ngoại đôi âm tốt nhất hiện nay

An induction cooktop is a kitchen that uses only an induction cooktop without a heating plate. Induction cooktops are usually named after the number of cooking zones on the cooktop, i.e. single induction cooktops (kitchens with 1 cooking zone), double induction cooktops (kitchens with 2) cooking) 3-, 4- or multi-point induction cooktops with multiple cooking zones that can be placed anywhere on the cooktop.

2. What is an infrared cooktop?

Infrared cooktops, also known as halogen stoves, use infrared light to produce heat that is transferred to the stove top and then to the bottom of pots and pans to cook food. The stove produces a reddish-pink light on the cooktop while cooking. Infrared cooktops can also be single burners (kitchens with 1 cooking zone) or double burners, cooktops with 3 or 4 or 5 zones on the same burner

3. What is an induction cooktop?

Electronic kitchen is the name of a combination cooktop with both induction cooking zones and infrared cooking zones on the same cooktop. The cooktop can also have 2 cooking zones, 3 cooking zones or 4 cooking zones on the same cooktop.

II. Distinguish between induction, induction and infrared cooktops.

1. The structure and working principle of induction, induction and infrared cooktops.

In the previous consultation, the consultant of Nanan Kitchen has introduced them very carefully and in detail. Therefore, you can click to refer to the articles on the same topics as induction cooktops, induction hobs and infrared cooktops to better understand the structure and working principle of these three cooktops.

What is an induction cooktop and how does it work.

Does using an induction cooktop consume electricity?

Do infrared cooktops consume electricity?

2. The difference between induction, induction and infrared cooktops.

Visually, when the stove is not turned on, we can realize that induction always has Induction (IH) word in all cooking zones and on infrared stove it will show Highlight word or 2 or 3 concentric circles. Put together on the stove. On the surface of the induction hob, there will be both an induction cooking zone (showing Indution) and an infrared cooking zone (with the word Highlight).

+ Induction cooking zone will not change the color of the glass surface when the stove is turned on, but for the infrared stove, it will be easy to identify because there will be infrared red color on the stove. As for the induction stove, there will be an induction cooking zone and an infrared cooking zone because it is a combination stove.

+ Induction cookers can only use magnetic cookware (sticky magnets), but with infrared cookers, you can use all different materials, from glass, ceramic, porcelain. , clay, cast iron ……. As for the induction cooker, there will be an induction cooker that uses separate cookware, and the infrared zone allows the use of all types of cookware.

+ After a period of time, the glass surface of the induction stove will not change color compared to the original and will still be beautiful if used and cleaned properly. As for infrared hobs, the color change of all cooking zones will be different from the original because the glass surface is heated by the red color of the heating plate during cooking. As for induction cooktops, the color change of the infrared cooking zone will be different from the original, while the color of the magnetic cooking zone will still be beautiful.

+ Induction cooktops tend to be more expensive than induction cooktops of the same product line from the same company. As for infrared cooktops, the price will be cheaper than both induction and induction cooktops.

+ Although the cooktop is made of glass, induction cooktops are easier to clean than induction and electric cooktops because the glass surface of induction cooktops is not heated directly to high temperatures like the infrared cooking area of induction cooktops. During the cooking process, if food spills onto the infrared cooking area, it will be stuck tightly and burned black because it cannot be cleaned immediately because the red-hot glass will cause burns, compared to induction cooktops, which we can clean easily. Clean it immediately and don’t worry about burns.

+ Another difference is that a separate induction hob will have a high capacity, from 2000W->3000W, with the highest Booster reaching 3700W, while an infrared hob will only have a maximum capacity of 2000W->2200W. As for an induction hob with two integrated cooking zones, the magnetic zone will increase to a high power, while the infrared cooking zone will only reach a maximum of 2200W.

+ In particular, induction cooktops will integrate many intelligent pilot functions that infrared cooktops do not have, such as. Energy saving inverter function, fast cooking booster function, automatic detection of cooking pots and pans, automatic shutdown of the stove when there are no cooking pots and pans, heat up function… As for the infrared stove, it will only integrate simple functions such as. Child Lock, Smart Timer. As for induction cooker, it integrates the functions of both induction and infrared cooker.

3. Similarities between induction cooker, rice cooker and infrared oven.

+ All use electricity to generate heat to heat pots and pans to cook food.

+ Using induction, electric and infrared stoves ensures safety, unlike gas stoves where there is a fear of gas leaks and gas explosions.

+ All use glass, so it is easy to clean the stove after cooking (electric and infrared stoves that use induction can be tricky to clean due to the high temperature of the cooking area).

+ Beautiful and luxurious kitchen use will increase the aesthetics of the kitchen space

+ All use modern electronic control panels with high aesthetic appeal, responsiveness and ease of use

+ These kitchens are designed to be installed under a stone table, but can still be used to place a kitchen table if it is not possible to cut the stone surface of the kitchen table.

III. Advantages and disadvantages of induction cooktops, induction and infrared stoves.

1.1 Advantages of using induction stoves.

+ The working mechanism of induction cooker is that the heat is transferred directly to the bottom of the pot without heat loss, so the cooking efficiency of the stove reaches 90%, while induction cooker reaches only 75% and infrared cooker reaches 65%, so the cooking speed of induction cooker is faster than induction and infrared stove, and it saves electricity.

+ Cooking with induction does not generate heat because the stove does not radiate heat to the surroundings like induction or infrared stoves do because the infrared cooking area of infrared stoves and induction stoves give off heat when cooking in summer.

+ After cooking, the induction cooktop cools down so quickly that you can clean the stove without worrying about burns.

+ The induction cooktop is integrated with many smart features, such as automatic detection of cooking zones, automatic shutdown of the stove when there are no cooking items or when it is overloaded or overheated, booster fast cooking function, power saving inverter function …… As a result, induction cooktops are very energy efficient and very safe for users.

+ Induction cooktops do not emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and there is no radiation, so they do not affect the user’s health at all.

+ Induction cooktop is not only a cooking device, it also helps to make the kitchen space more beautiful and luxurious

1.2 Advantages of using infrared cooktops.

+ Infrared cooktops are safer than gas cooktops because the cooktops use electricity, so there are no fires or explosions like gas cooktops.

+ Infrared cooktops can be used with a variety of different cookware, such as. Glass, earthenware, cast iron …….

+ Infrared ovens can bake simple dishes such as grilled squid directly on the glass.

+ Infrared ovens are not only a cooking device, but also help to make the kitchen space more beautiful and luxurious.

1.3 Advantages of using an electric oven.

+ Since an induction cooktop has a built-in induction burner, it has all the advantages of an induction cooktop. In addition, induction cooktops have the following advantages.

+ Since induction has an infrared cooking zone (electric stove), we can still use our favorite old pots and pans such as glass pans, ceramic pans …… in this cooking zone , just need to buy some more pots and pans. New products suitable for use on induction stoves.

+ For those who value feng shui in the kitchen and want to have a modern induction stove, but still have the color of red fire on the stove, an electric stove would be the best choice.

+ You can cook simple dishes directly, such as grilled squid on a glass surface in the infrared cooking area.

+ On the electric stove, when cooking is finished, the glass is still very hot, so you can take advantage of this residual heat to increase the simmering time or keep the food warm for longer without consuming extra electricity.

2.1 Disadvantages of induction cookers.

Induction hobs only have the only disadvantage that the stove can only use pots and pans with magnetic bottoms that attract magnets and all other materials cannot be used on induction cookers. However, this problem was solved very simply. Because now all brands of induction cookers have a promotion program to buy induction cookers with a set of specialized high-end stainless steel pots for induction cookers including a full range of dishes and pans, so you can rest assured that you no longer have to worry about problems. Cook from cocoon again.

2.2 Disadvantages of infrared cookers.

+ Infrared cookers cook slowly, consuming more electricity than induction cookers, as we know above, because in short, induction cookers use magnetic coils to heat the bottom of the pot and cook food, while the infrared cooking area will have to be heated. The glass surface then reaches the bottom of the pot and then cooks the food, so the cooking time of the infrared stove will be longer and consume more electricity than the induction cooker.

The heat emitted when cooking on an infrared stove will cause uncomfortable heat in the summer, and this heat will also waste electricity.

+ Infrared cookers will be very difficult to clean and the service life will be shorter than that of induction cookers and induction cookers as above, we have analyzed the disadvantages of induction cookers.

2.3 Disadvantages of induction cookers.

+ Heat emitted when we cook on an electric stove (infrared stove) will cause uncomfortable heat in the summer, and this heat also wastes electricity.

+ After using for a while, the induction cooker will have discoloration on the glass of the electric hob cooking area because it is heated to 240 degrees Celsius when the heating plate is in operation (the heat of the infrared bulb or carbon fiber is damaged. heated when the hob is transmitted directly to the glass of the cooking zone). Therefore, the perception of the induction cooker after a period of use will reduce the aesthetics because one side is shiny and the other side is discolored.

+ On the other hand, the infrared stove always radiates heat over a certain area in the red-pink cooking zone, so when using a pot smaller than the cooking zone, it will have to accept the amount of heat generated according to the operating norm. The stove heats up and wastes electricity. Because of that, the life of the infrared stove side will be much shorter than that of the magnetic cooking zone.


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