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Highlights of Kangaroo 15L Electronic Air Fryer KG15AF3A

The Kangaroo 15L KG15AF3A electronic oil-free fryer impresses with its modern design, large capacity of up to 15 liters and a variety of cooking modes. The product integrates all the most modern functions, bringing convenience to customers because all utilities are available in one product.

Modern, eye-catching design

Lò chiên không dầu Kangaroo KG15AF2A ⋆ Kangaroo Group

The Kangaroo 15L KG15AF3A electronic oil-free fryer impresses everyone with its modern design, outstanding with its beautiful shiny color tone. The pot body is processed by Kangaroo company from high quality materials, good heat resistance, durable with time. At the same time, the pot is also equipped by the manufacturer with a 2-layer smart glass door, which increases heat resistance and helps users to observe easily during the operation of the pot.

Kangaroo electronic air fryer 15L KG15AF3A –

21 diverse cooking modes

With the motto “minimalism”, the Kangaroo 15L KG15AF3A electronic oil-free fryer will help users save money and time by integrating a variety of cooking modes. Instead of having to buy all kinds of equipment such as fryer, oven, milk incubator… now you only need an oil-free fryer to be able to make pizza, grill meat, make cakes, fry and bake without having to buy any kind of equipment. no oil needed, very convenient.

Maximum capacity

The Kangaroo 15L KG15AF3A electronic oil-free fryer has an extremely large capacity, up to 15 liters with a spacious storage compartment. Thanks to that, the pot can easily “weigh” all ingredients in large quantities or fry many dishes at the same time, helping you comfortably serve meals for a family of 8 to 10 people.

Kangaroo electronic air fryer 15L KG15AF3A

Rapid Air technology with advanced heating

Kangaroo 15L KG15AF3A electronic air fryer is equipped with Rapid Air technology, combined with dual heating elements (top and bottom) to help circulate hot air more evenly. The pot will bring you foods that are cooked evenly and quickly, and reduce up to 85% of harmful fats compared to traditional frying methods.

Comes with many convenient accessories

When buying the KG15AF3A Kangaroo 15L electronic oil-free fryer, you will receive a set of high-quality accessories including: frying tray, frying basket, rack, drip tray, tongs, gloves, skewers, fryer, tools cage grabber. Besides, all accessories of the pot are covered with non-stick material to help limit food adhesion, increase durability, easy to clean and safe to use.

In general, the Kangaroo 15L KG15AF3A electronic oil-free fryer is really a bright product in the high-end pot segment. At the same time, Kangaroo also offers 1-for-1 support and a warranty of up to 12 months for genuine products, ensuring the rights and experiences of consumers.


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