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Houses are expensive but why do we still have to buy them

Is a house expensive? The obvious answer is expensive compared to most common expenses, regardless of whether it is a house or apartment, in the center or in the suburbs. I don’t know what people with money think about buying a house to buy a house, but for an ordinary person, a house is generally still something not everyone can easily own.

The question here is that houses are so expensive, why do people still have to buy them?

My aunt used to have an apartment, but she has 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl, a son who is over 20 years old, and a younger sister who is just in elementary school. Last year, my aunt ran out of money in the house and bought another apartment in installments.

My aunt told her son to get married, he couldn’t let the whole family crowd into one place, he had to buy another house. My aunt and uncle live in the old house, and my cousin and his wife will stay in the installment house. My aunt and uncle are unskilled workers, my cousin just started working, and my little cousin is still of school age, but every month, they still have to pay more than 10 million VND in installments. Just thinking about it is a burden.

Since the day I had to pay 10 million in monthly installments, my aunt’s life became more difficult. Apart from the young cousin who can shop for clothes, the adults in the family almost no longer know what the concept of shopping is. The last time I saw her, I saw her age
“I don’t know, now every month she has to pay 10 million to the bank. Even if she doesn’t have money to eat and drink, she has to take care of 10 million to pay. Each time the installment payment is completed, the big stone in her heart seems to fall down. But as soon as I could breathe a sigh of relief, the anxiety for the next month immediately appeared,” my aunt said. Since childhood, I have been very close to her. Every time I get home from work, I visit her to talk nonsense. Hearing her tired voice, at that time I thought if I had money, I would definitely help my aunt. Then one month, it seemed that the project my uncle was working on had problems and could not pay the installments on time. My uncle and aunt argued loudly, and my aunt even cried. At that time I was still in university, I could not understand why people insisted on owning a house for what, then all had to be so tired and helpless.

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A close friend of mine is getting married and has bought an apartment in the city.

“You’re quite good, both have a home and a wife,” I complimented. Unexpectedly, it smiled bitterly and said to me: “The deposit is paid by my parents. But just out of school and go to work like us, where do you get the money to buy a house?”

My friend’s parents are not too well off, but because my friend is the only son, they are ready to spend a lot of money for my friend’s education, now they accept to spend a lot of money to buy a house for him. . To put it in my friend’s words, “My parents are so old that they have not yet enjoyed happiness, fasting and drinking, the money accumulated over the years to buy a house for me, I feel very miserable. Later on, I am the most I intend to do business and earn money, I can’t let my parents be so tired anymore.”

I looked at my friend, feeling uncomfortable in my heart. My friend is a filial child, but just graduated from school, his salary is just that, he can only continue to ask his parents for a part of the house money. It seems that this is a common phenomenon with young people like us today, parents who have spent years thrifty and saved all their money for the next generation.

My friend also added, it still has to be paid in installments for a very long time. But fortunately he has a wife, in the future even if he has children, both will try together. My friend believes everything will be fine.

Yes, life will be better, keep it up, my friend, but houses are so expensive right now!

My direct manager has been working for 7-8 years now, very easygoing and sociable. The senior manager’s salary is of course not low, but my manager still lives extremely frugally, never seeing shopping, eating, drinking or going out at all. I’m naturally curious, so I once asked directly: “Boss, I’m asking this a bit privately, why have I never seen you hanging out?”.

My manager laughed: “Because I still have to collect money to buy a house”.

Hearing the answer, the hand that was holding the chicken thigh also stopped. “Because I have to buy a house?”, this question makes me wonder again and again, the house is expensive so why do I have to worry about buying it?

I later found out, my manager’s hometown is not here. He comes from an ordinary family. He set up a career far away from his hometown and wants to buy a house and settle down in this city. But buying a house in the city, you know, it takes a lot of money.

Back to the question, why is the house so expensive, I gradually found the answer for myself.

To have a house of my own

I graduated not too long ago and am staying at a boarding house. Every day, the innkeeper plasters notices on the wall outside my room, advising what not to do, asking tenants to save electricity, save water… If it’s their house, no one has free time to paste it. these promiscuous Tuesdays on the wall. Your home must be beautiful, cozy, suitable for your own aesthetic and most importantly, you can do whatever you want.

I have moved many times and also renovated the room many times to make it more beautiful. But then I couldn’t stay there for too long. Looking at the room I had spent a lot of time decorating, I was a bit bewildered, because it wasn’t my home after all.

Renting a house is generally like that, you don’t even dare to buy things that are too big for fear of moving out later. I have a college classmate who is staying in a room of only 10 square meters. That room’s air conditioner was broken, even if it was turned on 20 degrees, it still felt hot, reminding the owner of the house did not work. He thought about buying a new one to install, but thought about it again and again, he still gave up, because he thought it was not worth it, it would take a lot of effort to install and remove for a while.

Another friend of mine was renting when the landlord suddenly cut the contract and demanded the house back. As a result, in a short time, it has to run around looking for a home, moving house, while the rental fee in the place where it lives is not cheap.

Seeing the example from my own friends, I understood that everyone needs a home of their own, a real home to return to, not a room, a place to sleep, a place to set foot. . At that time, I had the right to decorate my small house, do whatever I wanted and be ready to buy big things. It’s great to buy an air conditioner, install wifi, the house is getting more and more complete, the equipment is more and more complete and it’s great to have a house of your own.

To feel safe inside

I have read countless stories about girls who were kicked out of the house they lived in after breaking up. After reading it, I felt very emotional, if I had a house of my own, the dangers like being evicted, being homeless, wandering the streets would not happen.

Only when you have a home that belongs to you will you feel comfortable and at peace in your heart. I often hear some married sisters talk about the new marriage law in force, the issue of whose name is on the real estate deed, and some don’t even want to get married just because of this. A certain girl said: “It is not only a matter of the owner’s name, but also a feeling of security. Without it, even if you live in that house, you still feel like a human. beyond that”.

A sense of security that others can also give you. However, the sense of security that you give yourself is the strongest and most lasting.

To not fall behind others

Humans are inherently a creature of the masses, if all the people around you are saving to buy a house, even if they have a lower income than you, your intention of “renting a house is okay”. will surely be shaken. At this point, you are even ready to use the money that your parents promised to help you, even though you were always afraid of their hard work.

And if you live in an environment where young people like you are all YOLO, it’s okay to have a house, it’s okay not to have a house, your eagerness to buy a house will not be high. In short, buying a house according to the common sense, seeing other people buying it, so I impatiently follow it is a phenomenon that still happens out there.

It should be added a little more here that even if you have the determination to buy a house, you will still have to fall into the spiral of buying a high-end house or buying a cheap house, where to buy it, how long it takes to pay in installments. But I have a piece of advice for you, in 2021, buying the wrong house is scarier than not being able to buy a house.

Some people often don’t know the true meaning of the word “cheap”. Remember, buying a house needs to follow certain principles such as a reputable developer, near public transport, near markets and schools… If you buy according to this, you won’t need it. much hesitation later. However, there will always be someone who will say, “I know the theory but I don’t have the money to buy these”. Especially young people with not too rich capital, they have the disadvantage that they are easily attracted by apartments with low unit price and low total price.

But please tell me, this way of thinking of you is wrong, the less money you have, the less you should care about buying a cheap house. Expensive and cheap are not based on absolute price, but on the degree of consistency between price and value. People with money can buy a house anyway, but ordinary people have to buy a house properly.

The less money you make, the less you can’t make mistakes, the more you don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to face risks. Making money is not easy, so it is better to accept the investment from the beginning for worthy value than to spend less money at first but get disproportionate value and have to spend other money to make up for the initial mistake. head.


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