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Kalite Steam Fryer 15 liters STEAM PRO

The STEAM PRO 15 liter Kalite Steam Air Fryer is a new generation air fryer product, using a combination of Rapid Air frying technology and Steam Active steaming technology to bring you crispy outside dishes and soft inside. , keeping the full flavor and nutrition.

Luxurious design with premium materials

Nồi chiên hơi nước Kalite 15L STEAM X

Although it is an oil-free fryer, the Kalite Steam Pro has an oven-like design, featuring a front door made of 2 layers of transparent but durable heat-resistant glass, allowing users to observe the condition of the food. while cooking. The pot cavity is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, ensuring no harmful substances are generated in high temperature environments. In addition, the baking trays are all coated with PFOA / PFOS Free non-stick coating, which is certified to be free of carcinogens, friendly to user’s health.

Breakthrough Steam Active Technology

After the user fills the tray with water and turns on the frying mode, a suction pump will suck this water up and push it to the high-temperature fast heater, creating hot steam (100 – 110 degrees Celsius) sprayed directly. into the food storage compartment. This thin mist has a very high temperature and will steam food while preserving its full flavor.

The combination of 2 technologies to improve the quality of food

When starting up, the pot will activate both Rapid Air and Steam Active modes simultaneously. Steam Active mode will create hot steam to steam food, while Rapid Air mode will create convection hot air that moves to all angles on the surface of the food, resulting in delicious dishes. Crispy on the outside and delicious in the succulent. Of course, you can also use Steam Active mode alone to make steamed dishes, or Rapid Air mode alone to make baked goods or dried fruit.

Easy cleaning thanks to the steam from the superheating mode

Thanks to the steam mode with super-heated steam, when you need to clean the pot, you just need to activate the steaming mode for about 3 minutes, the stains, grease around the pot will be softened by the steam, then you just Use a soft cloth to clean the pot very easily.

Wide heat range lets you cook a variety of dishes

With the combination of 2 technologies, the Kalite Steam Pro has broken beyond the limits of ordinary air fryers to achieve an extremely wide temperature range of 40°C-230°C, This means that the pot can not only process dishes that require high temperatures such as steaming, baking, frying, but also can help you brew yogurt or make detox ingredients easily.

Multi-mode including auto and self-tuning

In order to meet the creative needs of users, the pot is equipped with 4 custom modes including: frying without oil, steaming, intelligent steam frying and misting. With these 4 modes, users can easily customize the cooking time and temperature, or optionally choose to activate or not activate the mist mode. For those who are not good at cooking, you can choose 1 of 9 automatic cooking modes that are programmed with the appropriate time and temperature, you just need to put the ingredients in the pot, press the compatible mode and start. pot is done.


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