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Learn the structure of Kangaroo water purifier

Kangaroo water purifier is one of the most popular water purifiers in the world. However, you are wondering how Kangaroo water purifier is structured, whether it is effective in water purification? Let’s go to Dien May Xanh to find out the details of the Kangaroo water purifier structure in this article!

1Basic structure of Kangaroo water purifier

Kangaroo water purifier has a basic structure of 4 parts:

Water filter core system
+ 3 coarse filters (cores 1, 2 and 3)

The 3 coarse filters are the first filters and play an important role in the filtration system of the Kangaroo water purifier. The core is installed vertically, the main function is to remove dirt, bacteria, heavy metals, … to help the water be treated cleaner before going to the next filter.

There is a low pressure valve designed between core 1 and core 2 to control and automatically cut off water when the water source is not enough.

+ RO membrane (core 4)

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The fourth core is the RO membrane, which is an extremely important filter in the water purifier. This core is installed on the raw water core set, there are 2 water lines including pure water and wastewater.

Kangaroo’s electrolytic water purifier uses an RO membrane to control the passage of substances, safely control the compounds generated after the electrolysis process and increase the electrolyte content of the output water.

+ Fine filter core system (starting from Kangaroo filter core No. 5,6,7… and above)

After filtering through the above 4 cores, the water can be drunk directly, but there is still a risk of re-infection when stored in a pressure vessel. Therefore, Kangaroo water purifier supports a system of fine filter cores to prevent re-bacteria, balance pH, create natural minerals, etc. to ensure absolute safe output water and add some necessary minerals essential for the health of the drinker.

Usually, the fine filter core systems of Kangaroo water purifiers are designed:

Core 6 (Ceramic): Filters 99% of dissolved solids, metal ions, organic impurities, removes bacteria that cause digestive diseases (such as: E.coli, Coliform, Cryptosporidium, Giardia), sediments , chlorine, bad smell.

Core 7 (Alkaline): Increases pH index, replenishes nutrients to prevent aging, detoxifies the body, helps reduce oxidation, creates alkaline water to neutralize excess acids in water.

Core 8 (Maifan Rock Mineral): Supplementing with Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and other minerals, useful electrolytes necessary for the human body. Raise pH, help neutralize excess acid, make the body healthier.

Core 9 (ORP Catridge): Produces water with the right pH and electrolytes to become the ideal drinking water for the body to help prevent aging, detoxify the body, boost immunity, prevent chronic diseases and support Helps in reducing blood fat.
Pump The pump is a necessary device in the Kangaroo water purifier, used to perform the task of pushing water through the filter. Pressure ranges between 80-90 psi. The pump also affects the ratio of pure water and waste water out. High and low pressure valves

The low pressure valve has a control function, ensuring a stable input water source. If the inlet water is weak, or water is lost, the low pressure valve will automatically alert and disconnect the power to protect the pump system.

The high pressure valve has a control function to ensure that the output water (pure water) is sufficiently supplied. When the pure water tank is full, the high pressure valve will automatically shut off to pause the water purification process.


The tank, also known as the accumulator, is a place to store water, with a ball-like design. When the filtration is complete, the purified water will be transported to the storage tank. The tank will push the water up, create pressure to help the high pressure valve control and stop the pump when the water is full. Inflatable pressure is about 0.8 kg/cm2.

2 Working principle of Kangaroo water purifier

First, the water supply valve will bring the water source into the Kangaroo water purifier, through the water divider, it will be brought to 3 coarse filter cores (cores 1, 2 and 3). Between cores 1 and 2, there is a low pressure valve to help create force to push water to circulate easily in the system. When the input water source is unstable, the low pressure valve will cut off the power supply to protect the system.

Then, the water will be pushed by the booster pump into the RO water filter core (RO membrane). Water after passing through the RO membrane will go in two ways: purified water will enter the tank thanks to the high pressure valve, and the waste water through the flow valve will flow to the outside.

In the pure water pipeline, there is a solenoid valve to regulate the filtered water to the container. When the tank is full, the solenoid valve and high pressure valve will automatically shut off to ensure that the wastewater does not automatically flow to the outside.

3Kangaroo water purifier of which country? Is that good?

Kangaroo – Prestigious brand from Vietnam: Kangaroo water purifier is manufactured in Vietnam according to modern technological lines, under the strict supervision of experts. The water quality has been tested by the Ministry of Health, meeting the standards of drinking water to help you feel more secure when using it.

Kangaroo water purifier has outstanding advantages such as:

Simple and elegant design

Modern American R.O Filmtec filter

Sophisticated, durable, easy to use faucet.

Water filtration rate of Kangaroo water purifier.


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