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Outstanding features of Kangaroo 12 liter electronic oil-free fryer KG12AF1A

Kangaroo electronic oil-free fryer 12 liters KG12AF1A is a completely new product that has just been launched by Kangaroo Group, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers. All the latest and modern technologies will be integrated in this air fryer, promising to be a product that will not disappoint you when choosing to ensure health safety and have delicious meals. delicious for your family.

Kangaroo electronic oil-free fryer 12 liters KG12AF1A

Nồi Chiên Không Dầu Kangaroo 12 lít KG12AF1A Giá Tốt, Chính Hãng | Nguyễn  Kim

Luxurious design and modern

Kangaroo 12 liter oil-free fryer KG12AF1A has a compact design so it does not take up much space. The fryer has an eye-catching, modern design, combined with elegant and eye-catching colors to bring outstanding highlights to bring class and comfort to every kitchen space in the family.

Grilled without oil

The unique Rapid Air technology allows you to fry, grill and roast dishes extremely quickly, reducing excess fat compared to conventional deep-frying by using little or no oil. This technology helps to protect the health of your family, especially those with cardiovascular diseases, fatty blood, obesity…

Not only that, the glass in the fryer is a new design, there is a glass in the oven so you can easily observe the food inside without having to take it off to check and never have to worry about burning or burning. uncooked food.

Frying technology combines high-flow hot air and power up to 1800W

The fryer’s unique star-shaped design and optimized heating profile allow for fast circulation of very high-heated air, allowing you to fry and bake a variety of delicious dishes quickly, Easy and healthy for your loved ones without adding grease.

Besides, With a strong power of up to 1800W, the dish is cooked faster, saving a lot of time while ensuring that the food is golden crispy outside, soft inside, keeping the pure taste of the food. .

Extra large capacity 12L

Kangaroo KG12AF1A oil-free fryer with extremely large and comfortable compartment helps you and your family to process large quantities of food at the same time without worrying about dividing it into batches. It is convenient and ensures that the food is cooked well when cooked at the same time without having to cook as many times as the small capacity pots.

Modern and easy to use HD touch panel

Fryer with controllable time and temperature: The built-in timer allows you to pre-set the cooking time. The temperature control feature allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for food up to 200 degrees. All food can be prepared with the right time and temperature for the best dishes.

Moreover, the large, luxurious HD touch screen display panel is easy to control, simple and convenient to operate. Allows users to easily observe and customize. Easy to use all functions right on the screen.

Solid base with large air outlet

With a smart design that is superior to current air fryers, Kangaroo’s KG12AF1A oil-free fryer is equipped with an anti-slip base on the floor to help the fryer stay stable at the cooking position, limiting danger. in use. In addition, the large air outlet on the back of the product has the function of timely heat dissipation to help prolong the product’s lifespan over time.

Integrate many functions

The KG12AF1A oil-free fryer is integrated with multi-functions suitable for many different uses such as frying, baking, reheating food like a microwave, defrosting, drying,… Set of 6 accessories The accompanying dishes are also very diverse and unique that will not disappoint you and are difficult to manage in any case, with any dish. A special feature of the KG12AF1A fryer compared to other conventional fryers is that the revolving door of the fryer can be disassembled extremely convenient, making cleaning and taking food more convenient.


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