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Outstanding features of the MAGIC ECO 12 liter high-end steamer combined with air fryer MAGIC ECO

The MAGIC ECO 12 liter high-quality steamer and air fryer is a breakthrough product with a design that combines two functions Frying – Steaming in one, with Rapid Air technology to reduce oil by 90%, and Steam Air steaming technology. Active helps to cook dishes evenly. All operations are done with just one simple touch, so you have a delicious meal right away, easily entertaining all diners.

Modern styling

Nồi chiên không dầu Magic ECO 12 lít S12 thiết kế hiện đại, tích hợp công  nghệ hấp siêu nhiệt Steam Active

The MAGIC ECO 12 liter high-end steamer and oil-free fryer has an eye-catching square size, with a usable capacity of up to 12 liters. The product is equipped with a touch control panel combined with an LED screen, increasing the modernity and convenience. The manufacturer has harmoniously combined two tones of jet black and silver gray on the outer shell and gives the pot a luxurious appearance that stands out from other products. The large storage compartment is also a point that helps the pot make a mark in the hearts of customers.

MAGIC ECO high-end steamer combined with 12 liters of oil-free fryer S12 –

Frying without oil and steaming

It is no coincidence that the MAGIC ECO 12 liter S12 high-end steamer combined air fryer is considered the most superior product on the air fryer market today. Because, this is inherently a versatile kitchen device with 3 modes of frying without oil and 3 modes of steaming. In particular, the frying mode combined with super-heated steaming is a unique feature, pre-installed for customers to use along with a series of convenient self-selecting modes.

Steam Air Active Steam Technology

The MAGIC ECO 12 liter S12 premium steaming combination oil-free fryer is applied by manufacturers using super-heated steaming technology called Steam Air Active. Specifically, when used, steam will be heated more quickly in a closed environment. Thanks to that, the pot will cook food quickly and always ensure to keep 100% of the nutrients in the food. Compared with the traditional method of steaming food, the product will limit a series of errors such as the pot is not airtight, the temperature is too high or too low, the food is overcooked or overcooked.

Rapid Air frying technology

In addition, the MAGIC ECO 12 liter high-end steamer combined air fryer is also integrated with the advanced Rapid Air technology. With this technology, the hot air will convection better to help fry the food without using oil, ensuring crispy outside, rich in nutrients inside. Thanks to that, the pot can reduce up to 90% of the amount of fat, but the food is still golden and crispy on all sides. The product also comes with a set of accessories to help you fry a variety of foods most conveniently.

Series of preset menus

The MAGIC ECO 12 liter high-end steamer combination air fryer has integrated up to 9 preset cooking modes with diverse foods such as: baking, barbecue, french fries to steaming (eggs, eggs, etc.). vegetables, fish) and fried (chicken, meat, cake), etc. All modes are available with time and temperature suitable for each food. Therefore, even if you do not have much cooking experience, you can still easily cook delicious dishes with just a few simple steps.

In general, the MAGIC ECO 12 liter high-end steamer combined air fryer MAGIC ECO is both sleek and functional, really a value for money product in its price range. In particular, the product operates and operates very smoothly, will not make noise or affect your family’s activities.


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