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Should cover the undercarriage of the car The latest undercarriage paint price list

Undercarriage coating is a spray coating on the entire underbody surface of the car with a layer of specialized chemical paint. Underbody coating is a viscous solvent mixture consisting of components based on synthetic resin or young rubber. This paint has the effect of protecting the undercarriage from harmful factors from the outside environment, making it easy to clean the undercarriage, increasing the aesthetic appearance, and at the same time supporting sound insulation and underbody insulation.

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Should I cover the car chassis?

Among the auto parts, the chassis is the most affected and impacted by the external environment. This is because the ground clearance is very low, only 120-280 mm from the road.

Sedans/hatchbacks such as the Kia Morning, Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent, Mazda3 …… have a very low ground clearance, usually 130-150 mm. As for the 5-seater high-bay or 7-seater crossover/SUV, such as Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner, Hyundai SantaFe …… The ground clearance is high, but only about 170-280 mm.

The close proximity to the road causes the chassis to be affected by constant exposure to soil, sand, gravel, mud, water, mud, asphalt, grease, salt, salt and other dirt from the road… As a result, not only does it make the chassis dirty, but it is also prone to scratches, corrosion, rust and deformation …….

We are a country with a tropical humid climate with lots of sunshine and rain. The chassis is almost composed of metal parts. Rain and sunlight cause frequent changes in humidity, which makes the oxidation and acidification process progress faster. Therefore, if a car chassis is not taken care of and properly maintained, it will deteriorate rapidly and the joints will wear, rust and rot …… seriously affect the shape and structure of the chassis.

The chassis, as the foundation, is the base of the entire vehicle and contains many important components such as the chassis, drive shaft, differential assembly, suspension, wheel system, and exhaust system. …… If the chassis of a car is degraded, corroded, rusted, deformed, etc., it will seriously affect the operation of one or more components on the vehicle and the operation of the whole vehicle.

Is the original chassis of the car already covered with protective paint?

Currently, most cars are covered with rust-proof paint before leaving the factory to protect the chassis. However, for popular cars, especially inexpensive ones, the quality of this coating is often not too good.

According to Mr. Van M. Tien (automotive engineer) shared.” According to the standard, every car has a base coat, usually two layers. However, because of the need to optimize costs, some brands can cut this coating and the paint becomes thinner, resulting in less durability. When exposed to dirt, rain, flooded roads, and gravel for long periods of time …… When in the car, the paint tends to peel off, causing undercarriage corrosion and rusting. Therefore, in order to increase underbody protection, many people now take the initiative to drive the car away.” Young rubber car undercoating”.

What is the purpose of car undercoating?

Underbody paint is a solution that helps to strengthen and enhance the protective layer of the entire undercarriage. This underbody paint has many uses.

Corrosion and rust prevention

Professional undercarriage coatings have the ability to prevent oxidation, corrosion and rust. There is usually a very high level of antioxidants and rust inhibitors in the undercarriage coating. Walking on dirt, red dirt, muddy roads, flooded roads (rain, salt water) …… You can rest assured that you do not have to worry about your car being affected.

In addition, there are many solvents with plastic and rubber components in the undercarriage coating solution of the car, which help the paint layer to have permanent elasticity. This coating helps to seal cracks, joint gaps, small holes …… protects interior details from the risk of metal corrosion and extends the life of the chassis.


In the composition of the car chassis paint, there are solvents containing plastic and rubber components. This ingredient helps protect the chassis from scratches and damage caused by sharp objects, stones, bumps or scratches when the vehicle climbs up on curbs and runs over high sills ……

Enhanced sound insulation

Is the noise eliminating underbody coating really as effective as advertised? This is a very controversial issue. According to experts, underbody coatings for cars are not an efficient soundproofing solution as many “god” advertisements suggest. The reason why the undercarriage helps with sound insulation is that the undercarriage helps seal joint gaps and holes …… preventing wind and noise from entering the interior.

There are many solvents in car undercarriage paint, which is derived from plastics and rubber. Spraying young rubber under the car helps create a resilient coating that reduces the echo of wheel chambers, the crisp sound of rocks, the squeak of rocks as they splash into the car, the sound of wheel chambers ……


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