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Unie steam fryer 15 liters STEAM COLOR

The Unie 15 liter STEAM COLOR air fryer is an improved version of the air fryer, first appearing in the Vietnamese market. The product uses super-heated steam technology combined with oil-free frying to produce crispy outside dishes with succulent inside, enhancing the taste of your meals at home.

Breakthrough in design and technology

Nồi chiên hơi nước Unie Steam Color - 15 lít -

Completely different from the closed design of traditional air fryers and the heaviness of the transparent glass door of an oven, the Unie STEAM COLOR Steam Air Fryer is quite compact with dimensions of ( 351 x 402.8 x 387.5) mm and a total weight of 7.8 kg, allowing the pan to be arranged and moved to many different locations in the kitchen. The front door of the pan is a 2-layer heat-resistant glass door, which makes it easy to observe the food from the outside during processing without having to open the door several times to check it, causing heat loss and directly affecting the quality of the food. Food quality.

The perfect combination of technologies for juicier fried foods

In addition to the Rapid Air technology popular on air fryers, the product is equipped with Steam Active superheated steam technology. When operated, the pan activates both oil-free frying and misting modes, giving the dish both an outer crispness and an inner softness and moistness that helps overcome the condition of the dish completely. In some conventional air fryers, dryness is common. As a result, the dish will have a crispy outer shell while the inside remains soft, moist and juicy, retaining the original flavor and nutrients of the ingredients.

Cleaning pots and pans with steam is easy

Using superheated steam, you can easily soften any stubborn grease or stains on the cavity of the pan. After using the pot, you simply press and hold the water shortage warning button for about 5 seconds to activate the cleaning function, which will humidify the pot and soften the dirt, then you can simply use a towel. Wet paper towels or all-purpose paper towels are all you need to clean the pan easily.

9 convenient cooking modes for the entire menu

Through a combination of 2 technologies, the Unie STEAM COLOR Steam Air Fryer pushes the limits of ordinary air fryers, achieving an ultra-wide temperature range of 40°C-230°C. This means that the pan can not only process dishes that require high temperatures such as steaming, baking and frying, but it can also help you brew yogurt or make detox toppings with ease. In addition, the pan has been preset with 8 intensive cooking modes, so you can easily steam, fry or roast any ingredient by simply pressing the mode selector.

Low steam warning light

The Unie STEAM COLOR is one of the few steam fryer products equipped with a low steam warning light. Thanks to a smart sensor, the pan will automatically recognize when the pan is lacking steam. At this point, the pan temporarily disconnects from steam mode, flashes a light and sounds an alarm until the user adds enough water and presses the warning button again, and the pan will continue to work. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about damaging dishes without realizing it because the pan ran out of steam midway through the cooking process, and the life of the pan will be greatly increased.

High-quality, safe non-stick coating accessories

The accessories that come with the pan, such as the grill or oil catcher, are covered with a PFOA/PFOS-free non-stick coating that is free of carcinogens, is user-friendly and safe for health, and helps prevent food from sticking to the grill. . In addition, these accessories can be easily removed and installed, very easy to clean.


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