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What is an electric stove The question seems to be easy, but 99% of Vietnamese people are confused

Induction cooktops are a fairly new product, so many times consumers are still confused about the features they use, and few even really understand what an induction cooktop is? Don’t let this confusion last any longer, in today’s article we will help you answer the above questions.

1. What is an induction cooktop? Consumers still think of it as an induction cooktop An induction cooktop is a type of stove on the same burner that integrates two cooking zones: electric (infrared) and magnetic. The structure of the cooking zone. Infrared cooking zone. Using the same technology as incandescent lamps, the filament bulb is heated to produce heat. The heat heats the glass and transfers the heat to the bottom of the pan to cook the food. Today, as technology has evolved, the infrared cooking zones all use EGO’s highlight technology with many heat rings, allowing flexibility to use a variety of different pot sizes while still achieving cooking efficiency. High. Magnetic cooking zone. The working principle is to use the magnetic field of the coil to generate a magnetic field called electromagnetic induced current. When the current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is created that transfers heat to the pan to cook the food. Therefore, the magnetic cooking zone can only be used for metal pans with magnetic bottoms.2. What are the advantages of induction cooktops?

Bếp từ là gì?

Until now, this is considered a compromise product between induction and electric stoves, so it can almost be considered perfect.

– If you use an induction cooktop, you are afraid to be picky about the pots and pans, because the bottom of the induction cooktop must have magnets and already has an infrared resistance zone.

– Due to the high energy efficiency, it saves electricity and saves costs. The stove saves 50% of cooking costs per month compared to using a gas stove. Cooking efficiency is up to 90% and 1 liter of water in the magnetic zone boils in 2 minutes.

– Beautiful, eye-catching design and shape.

– Clean, easy to clean: if food spills on kitchen surfaces, or stains stick for long periods of time.

– Non-explosive safety. Induction cooker is not afraid of being forgotten and will automatically cut off when the temperature is too high due to forgetting to turn it off.

– You can use a variety of different cookware materials and also bake food directly on the glass in the infrared zone.

– It is comfortable when cooking. It does not radiate heat to the outside, so it is very comfortable.

– No fear of being blown by the fan. When you turn on the fan, the wind blows comfortably and is not thrown out, unlike when you turn off the gas stove while cooking.

– There is no smoke, and no toxic gas is produced when cooking like a gas stove.

– There is no fear of suffocation due to lack of oxygen when closing the door, causing death and respiratory diseases.

However, despite being almost perfect, induction cooktops still have some minor flaws, such as.

3. Disadvantages of induction cooktops

– The cost of the product. Usually, the price of an electric stove is 3-4 times higher than that of a gas stove. Therefore, consumers should consider the economic situation of the family and choose a reasonable device for themselves.

– The capacity of induction cookers is relatively large, from 1800W-2200W. To ensure safety, users must check carefully before use. Users should not plug in the induction cooker with other devices using the power socket to prevent fire and explosion.

4. Which brands of induction cookers should be purchased?

Bosch induction cooker

A leading brand of high-end kitchen equipment imported from Europe.

>>If you are a follower of German products, you will not be able to ignore these excellent Bosch electric cooker models

The first highlight to mention is that Bosch induction cooktops have a fast PowerBoost feature that can help you save up to 20% of energy compared to other brands.

All Bosch induction cooktops use the best Schott Ceranz exclusive ceramic glass that is scratch and heat resistant.

In addition, the stoves feature multiple cooking capacity levels and diameters to fit all types of cooking pots (large and small) to help you cook conveniently and maximize your time and energy consumption.

Chef . Induction Cooktop

Similar to other high-end models, Chefs combination induction cooktops apply the latest technology such as Schott glass, fully insulated housing and heat dissipation capabilities. Super fast. The heat generated is concentrated in the cooking area, with no heat spreading outward, ensuring ease of use. Features to protect the consumer and the kitchen, such as: warning of residual heat in the form of an audible and light display, automatic thermal leveling for thermal overload and overpressure. teka induction cooktops With a sophisticated and luxurious design, produced on a production line with advanced technology, modern features and ease of use. All Teka induction products are made of K+ glass imported from France with a luxurious beveled design. The high quality glass surface makes cleaning easier and eliminates food sticking on the stove top. Safety lock system to avoid unintentional changes in cooking functions, very convenient when there are small children in the house. Timer up to 99 minutes to help you cook comfortably without worrying about forgetting to turn off the stove. Abaca Induction Stoves Not much of a name, but with hard work and ever-improving product quality, Abaca’s products have made a name for themselves in the marketplace. Abaca induction products, all made of German components, use Eurokera glass, German E.G.O heating plates, circuit and electrical system supplier Eika from Spain. this is a high quality glass, made of a special glass-ceramic mixture that can resist sudden temperature shocks of up to 800°C.

Moreover, Eurokera glass is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain the toxic heavy metals arsenic and antimony. And it has the ability to dissipate heat quickly, keeping the stove cool and safe for the user.

The 2 cooking zones are conveniently designed with a magnetic cooking zone and an infrared cooking zone. On the side of the magnetic cooking zone in the kitchen, a heating plate from E.G.O-Germany, Germany is used, which is constructed of super durable wires. Thus, helping the stove to achieve up to 90% efficiency in the cooking process.


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