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What is an induction cooker, its structure and working principle

Today, there are many gas explosions that make people panic, fear, and gradually switch to induction cooktops, which are designed to be much more luxurious and modern than gas cooktops. However, for many people who have not used induction cooktops, the concept of induction cooktops is still relatively new, so what is an induction cooktop? Please join us to understand this issue through the following suggestions.

1. Trend of choosing induction cooker in Vietnam

When there is an increasing risk of fire and explosion due to the use of gas stoves, or health harm due to the use of coal stoves, wood stoves, etc., the use of induction cookers has become a common trend among consumers. Vietnamese.

Bringing a clean, luxurious and modern kitchen space with no more smoke or toxic fumes, ensuring absolute safety in use and helping to cook quickly while maintaining the nutritional value of the kitchen. With the advent of every dish, induction cooktops suddenly became the truth for every household looking for cooking equipment.

2. What is an induction cooktop?

2.1 Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is a smart cooking device that uses electricity to operate. Induction cooktops have the ability to effectively reduce heat loss and have very fast cooking times. When operating, an electric current flows through a magnetic plate placed under the glass in the kitchen, creating a magnetic field on the hob, which heats a pan with a magnetic base and cooks the food.

Bếp từ đôi Lorca LCI-809S

2.2 The working principle of induction cooker

Induction cookers are made on the principle of magnetic fields and currents in coils. A conductive coil is placed under a piece of insulating and thermal insulating material. This piece of material is kitchen glass, usually made of vitreous china because, in addition to its insulating power, vitreous china has a high aesthetic appeal. For high-end induction cooktops, Schott Ceran glass, imported entirely from Germany, or K+ glass imported from France, is often used, followed by ceramics.

Because induction cooktops use electromagnetic induction, heat is only generated when the cooktop comes into contact with metal cookware, i.e. iron, steel and stainless steel, which are attracted to magnets, and these metal cookware are generally magnetic objects. As for items such as aluminum, stainless steel (non-magnetic), glass and pottery, they cannot be used because they cannot generate heat when in contact with an induction cooktop. Therefore, when cooking with an induction cooker, you need to choose the right cookware and the size of the cookware must be appropriate, usually the bottom of the pot must occupy 2/3 of the cooking area to generate heat.

Induction cooktops have an intelligent feature that automatically detects the size of the pan, and the bottom of the pan is in contact with the glass where the stove generates heat. Therefore, outside the contact area between the surface of the induction cooktop and the bottom area of the pan, the stove does not generate heat at all. No heat is generated in other areas, so it is very safe for the cook to not worry about getting burned during cooking. In addition, because the stove cools so quickly, it only takes the chef a while to clean the stove after cooking is over. Cleaning is very easy because the kitchen surface is made of high quality materials, so only a damp cloth is needed to clean the kitchen. Induction cooktops are the most efficient cooking stoves, much higher than gas and electric stoves. This is because when cooking with gas and electric stoves, the heat generated is almost completely absorbed into the pot and heat is inevitably lost to the outside environment. According to the working principle of induction cooker, we have always believed that it is safer and more economical to use induction cooker than other types of stoves.

2.3 Outstanding advantages of induction cooker

– Induction cooktops have just been introduced to Vietnam in recent years, but they have made great progress in market development and have quickly gained the trust of consumers because of the best efficiency they bring to people.

– Extremely fast cooking: With high-end induction cooktops, which are up to 90% efficient, the heat emitted is used to cook food and the rest is radiated to the outside. As a result, users can save a lot of time and the power saving capacity is excellent.

– Induction cooktops are luxurious, convenient and easy to use. The glass surface is very resistant to dirt, does not heat up, is easy to clean, and the smart features are easy to use.

– Induction cooktops are absolutely safe for families. There is no fear of electricity leakage and no harmful gases like using a gas stove. The surface of the induction cooker does not heat up and is absolutely safe for users and children.

3. The best-selling induction models on the market

There are many different brands of induction cooktops on the market today. However, at present, induction cooktops imported from Germany, Italy, Spain or the series of induction cooktops with components imported and assembled through third countries such as Malaysia have been and are being used the most by consumers today. Customers can refer to some of the high-end induction cooker series that are currently being chosen in large numbers, such as. High-end Bosch induction cooker, authentic Munchen induction cooker imported from Europe, Fagor induction cooker imported from Spain, induction cooker high-grade Lorca audio, Chefs induction cooker, authentic Giovani induction cooker from Italy, Pramie induction cooker imported from Thailand… etc.

3.1 Arber AB-279 . Induction cooker

Arber AB 279 induction hob is a real induction hob, using all German electronic components, installed in a third country. The product is assembled on a high-tech production line and undergoes rigorous testing by leading experts before production. The quality of the product is guaranteed to the user. As a low-cost product line with an integrated super power-saving function (inverter), the Arber AB-279 induction cooktop is highly appreciated by consumers not only for its functionality and cooking efficiency, but also for its outstanding equipment. The sophisticated and luxurious design ranks among the best-selling low-cost electric stove models on the market in 2020.

To bring perfect quality, all the components of Arber AB-279 induction cooktop are imported directly from the world’s leading and well-known component manufacturers, such as. Kanger glass, magnetic plate, control panel. e.g.o. for kitchen

Arber AB-279 induction cooktop is designed with two separate keypads to help you use it easily, even for the elderly and children. In addition, the kitchen is integrated with smart features to ensure user safety.

– Child lock Child lock

– Warning of residual heat in the cooking area

– Automatic stove shut-off when no pots or pans are available or forgotten

– Over-temperature and over-voltage protection system

The Arber AB-279 induction hob comes with a 24-month home warranty.

3.2 Induction Cooktop Lorca LCI-816

The Lorca LCI-816 Induction Cooktop is a premium double-headed induction cooktop completely imported from Malaysia with many smart and convenient features. This is a low cost, high end power saving induction model that has attracted the most customers in recent times due to the quality and design of the product.

Although the model is imported entirely from Asia, this kitchen range is not inferior to products from Europe, but at a much softer price than other models of the same type. All components of Lorca LCI 816 induction cooktop are imported directly from the above mentioned world leading and well-known component manufacturers, such as magnetic trays, kitchen control panels from E.G.O, and are fully tested according to the standards. European standards should be trusted and appreciated by consumers from the day they hit the shelves before they are put on the market. the Lorca LCI-816 induction hob is fully integrated with smart and convenient features that ensure absolute safety, for example.

– An independent timer for each cooking zone of the hob

– Keep warm function for reheating at 70°C, 80°C, 90°C

– Pause function

– Residual heat warning for the cooking zones

– Child safety lock

– Over-temperature and over-voltage safety protection system

The Lorca LCI-816 induction hob has a genuine home warranty of up to 36 months, giving you complete peace of mind when choosing a product.

3.3 Prami Induction Cooktop PRTH-2201

The Prami PRTH-2201 induction cooktop is a modern induction cooktop imported entirely from Thailand, with a beautifully designed kitchen with European style and smart modern technology that helps you cook quickly in a flash, saving energy and being extremely safe for us

Prami PRTH-2201 induction cooktop is made of all high-end E.G.O parts, premium Schott Ceran glass. The control panel of induction cooktop is usually designed with touch technology, so you can use the kitchen control panel even if your hands are wet. The body of the lid below the surface of the kitchen is made of high-grade stainless steel, and the internal equipment of the induction cooktop is always mounted on a completely insulated plate and separated from the body of the housing, so that it is safe to use the induction cooktop without fear of electric shock.

The kitchen is applied with super energy-saving inverter technology, which is one of the most prominent features of high-end induction cooktop applications. Other safety features are also fully equipped for the kitchen to ensure the absolute safety of customers, such as. Child safety lock, shut-off timer, residual heat warning…

The Prami PRTH-2201 induction cooktop comes with a 36-month in-home warranty and an electronic warranty stamp on every cooktop. The fastest and most convenient warranty model.

3.4 Munchen Double-Head Induction Cooktop GM-6839

Munchen induction cooker GM-6839 is a premium imported induction cooker product line from Munchen Gorenje Group in Germany. The cooker is manufactured and assembled on a modern German technology production line with a factory in Germany using all German electronic components. At the bottom of each product, there is a sticker stating the origin of the product for easy identification by the customer. In addition, there are CO and CQ on the product to clearly prove its origin and ensure the quality of the product.

The kitchen is designed according to the trend of high-end induction cooktops with 2 induction cooking zones to help you enjoy the convenience from the pinnacle of technology, with high quality Schott Ceran glass, black overall and beveled on both sides. Refinement brings a compact, clean feel to your kitchen space.

Munchen GM-6839 induction cooktop with Schott Ceran glass, induction hob without partition E-G-O tray, super sensitive and flexible touch panel system, each function helps users to use easily and operate very simply, using squirrel cage fan to bring high durability.

Munchen GM-6839 . Smart and Convenient Features of Induction Cooktops

– Outstanding power saving effect of inverter uses smart inverter technology to help save 40% of electricity in the kitchen.

– Booster function and IC5 heat level. The kitchen’s booster function (fast cooking) reaches a power level of 3000W per cooking zone to save time. The cooktop is heated with IC5 technology (when using two cooking zones at the same time, the cooktop automatically divides the power to reach a total capacity of 4000W to avoid current overload).

– Default function “defrost, keep warm, fry”

– Default function “defrost, keep warm, fry”

– Pause function

– Remaining heat warning function. Remaining heat display function, thermal overload protection system, automatic power-off device system. Munchen also features 12 microprocessors to ensure that the stove safely protects itself from electric shocks and automatically shuts off the stove when no cookware is available …… ensuring cooking flexibility and safety for the user.

– Child safety lock

– Automatically shuts off the stove when no cookware is available

– High cooking efficiency

– Kitchen protection system

The Munchen GM-6839 induction cooktop also comes with a genuine home warranty of up to 36 months. With this comes a lifetime maintenance model, so users can be completely assured of the quality of the Munchen GM-6839 induction cooktop. In addition, when the warranty period expires, Munchen also supports the user with 50% of the cost of replacement and repair.

3.5 Bosch PPI82560MS . Induction Cooktop

The Bosch PPI82560MS induction cooktop is the only Bosch induction cooktop to replace its previous two-burner model, the PMI968MS. This kitchen has 2 magnetic cooking zones and its design is 90% similar to that of the older model. Slight improvements in functionality help the kitchen serve cooking better.

The Bosch PPI82560MS induction cooktop is the only double induction cooktop from China. Although it is manufactured in a factory located in China, all electronic components and production lines are imported from Germany, so product quality and price can be guaranteed.

The kitchen surface still uses black Schott Ceran glass with good heat resistance. Schott Ceran glass is the most advanced glass in the famous German glass series for induction products. Around the edge of the glass remains an aluminum rim to help keep the stove from chipping off during use.

The Bosch PPI82560MS induction cooktop uses the same fan for both magnetic cooking zones, but still achieves good heat dissipation. This is because the fan used in this kitchen is a squirrel cage fan with high operating capacity. Combined with the ventilation slots on the chassis, it can dissipate heat quickly and ensure stable operation in hot and humid environments.

All kitchen functions are displayed directly on the control panel. Bosch PPI82560MS induction cooktop is integrated with the following functions.

+ PowerBoost function optimizes kitchen operation, increasing productivity by 50% and 35% faster than conventional levels.

+ Timer function helps to keep track of exactly when food needs to be heated or reheated, and automatically turns off the power when the time is up

+ Automatic detection of pots/pans in induction cooktops

+ Child lock function helps to ensure the safety of families with young children

+ Residual heat warning function (H/h) alerts you when the stove is still hot to avoid accidents while the stove is still hot

The Bosch PPI82560MS induction cooktop is covered by a 24-month warranty at the service center, giving customers added peace of mind when using this product.


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