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Goldfish error, or exactly called the error of the check engine warning light coming on (the phenomenon of the check engine light on) can be encountered in any car. So what are the causes and solutions to the goldfish error not only on Mazda cars but also on other cars? In this article, let’s find out with Mazda Le Van Luong.

Why does the goldfish error happen?

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Error check – engine light often appears (lights up) when the car engine has a fuel problem or a faulty sensor. The engine light is one of the most important and valuable indicator lights. Any engine, including GDI direct injection and EFI electronic fuel injection engines, can have this check-engine error.
For Mazda cars, the check-engine indicator light, also known as the goldfish error, occurs because the fuel tank pipe has zinc or galvanized material. The construction of the zinc materials is not compatible with the amount of fuel, making them likely to wear out when gasoline is poured in. The abraded part continues to come into contact with the fuel, creating black soot over time, causing the injector head to become clogged.

There are many causes of goldfish error, Mazda Le Van Luong would like to list some of the following basic errors:

– Fuel injector is dirty

– Anemometer sensor is broken

– Using substandard gasoline

– Damaged fuel tank cap

– Oxygen sensor stopped working

Some solutions to overcome when the car has a goldfish error

  1. Check and replace the fuel cap if damaged: If the fuel cap tank is not tightly closed, the engine fault light will illuminate. This is also a detail that should be checked first when the check-engine light is on to avoid losing time.
  2. 2. Use standard gasoline: Experts recommend using standard gasoline from A95 or higher.
  3. 3. Treatment of injectors and combustion chambers: The purpose of this is to clean and clean the soot and deposits on the injectors and the combustion chamber, which also limits the possibility of goldfish errors.
  4. 4. Clean and replace the engine sensor system: This system, when used for a long time, will be clogged with dirt in the air, leading to damage and the engine warning light will come on. To protect the intake air flow sensor, we need to replace and clean the engine air filter periodically, in addition, it is also necessary to clean the intake air flow sensor regularly.
  5. 5. Check and clean the Oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensor detects the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas so that the ECU controls the amount of fuel injection, ensuring the optimal air-to-air ratio. When this part is damaged, the information provided will not be accurate and the vehicle will consume more fuel and the check-engine light will also illuminate. Therefore, for the engine to work effectively, it is necessary to regularly clean the Oxygen sensor and replace them when the vehicle’s exhaust gas concentration exceeds the permissible level.
    Above are some basic causes as well as solutions to help limit goldfish errors in cars. In addition, there are many other causes of check-engine errors that cannot be recognized by the naked eye. Therefore, the best way is to bring your car to Mazda Le Van Luong Service Workshop for inspection and repair.
    Floating vehicle check engine light (Check Engine) – Goldfish error:
    Error “goldfish” is the name of the phenomenon that the engine warning light (check engine) on the Mazda3 comes on, indicating an error related to the engine. This is an old mistake that shocked Mazda SkyActiv car lovers.
  6. This error appears especially on 1.5L engine versions of Mazda 3 both sedan and Hatchback (Mazda 2 also appears but less likely, 2.0 and 2.5 engine versions of Mazda 3, Mazda 6, CX- 5, almost no errors appear)
  7. Errors are encountered mainly in vehicle batches manufactured from July 2015 to June 2016
  8. The reason why Mazda 3 has a goldfish error
  9. According to Thaco’s official announcement, the phenomenon of the engine warning light coming on is due to a structural error in the fuel tank pipeline. Specifically, the pipeline at the fuel tank is made from zinc or galvanized. Their structure is not suitable for the amount of fuel, when gasoline is poured in, the zinc on it will be worn and mixed with the fuel, creating black soot, clogging the fuel injectors in the engine. This is the main reason why the check engine light on the Mazda 3 comes on.
  10. “Goldfish error” appears when the engine is operating, warning of problems related to: engine (injectors, spark plugs, combustion chamber, …), exhaust sensor, intake air sensor, .. .. a lot of other reasons too.
  11. However, with this error, Truong Hai’s representative previously commented that:
  12. Error caused by users of non-standard gasoline: the company recommends filling with standard gasoline from A95 or higher
  13. Error due to injector deposits (for some reason): the company recommends pouring a combustion chamber cleaning solution into the fuel tank each time it is serviced.

14. This is common with Mazda3 cars, but if your car has this error (check engine), it is best to take your car to a reputable garage to have it checked to avoid unnecessary damage.

  1. An advanced feature of the SkyActive engine is the i-Stop system, which temporarily shuts down and restarts the engine to improve fuel economy.However, this system also causes a lot of trouble for those who are new to or have little experience with it.

16. i-Stop system errors or warnings displayed on the instrument cluster will be included.

17. The yellow-orange i-Stop icon indicates that the i-Stop system is faulty or pending (if it is currently standalone).

18. exclamation point triangle symbols indicate a problem with the electrical system (battery) affecting the i-Stop system

19. Please share more information about the i-Stop system so that new car users can understand how the system works and if the system is faulty?

20. The i-Stop system works when the vehicle is moving and the indicator light is green. At this point, the brake pedal is depressed, the car stops, and the engine is temporarily stopped. Release the brake pedal from the brake pedal and the engine will start again and the vehicle will continue to drive

21. Conditions that cause i-Stop to fail (if these conditions are not met, i-Stop will not work, not the system!) .

22. Disable i-Stop before each drive by using the shortcut key on the lower left of the steering wheel (the icon should always be green or yellow).

23. The wheels must be in a non-straight position (steering wheel deflected to the sides).

24. The car is parked on a ramp

25. the car must not move from the moment it is started with the Start/Stop button (no matter how long before starting the engine)

26. the hood and doors are not closed tightly

27. the driver’s seat belt is not fastened

28. the car’s battery is not sufficiently charged

29. the glass heating function is turned on

30. the air conditioning temperature is too high or too low

31. the system key is low (smart key) is faulty

32. the braking system is defective (brake assist is not guaranteed)


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